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An Overview of Survey Review 4 India

About Survey Review 4 India:

"Survey Review 4 India" is a website dedicated to users who are new to online income sources. This site shares all the important info that one needs to earn money online without investment.It reviews
best paid survey sites for Indian,gives valuable comments & opinions on them & Seeks feedback from its users.

Survey Review 4 India gives important info about
those Survey,PTC, PTSU and GPT sites which indeed, pay Indians.

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Survey is basically collecting opinion from the person. Basically survey is performed by a company itself or by a survey research group. They just ask for the opinions regarding their product sales and popularity from the people. Whether people are willing to buy their product or the products have better quality or not. Sometimes it is for advertisement purpose. Those survey sites only collect valuable opinions and they maintain a greater privacy of their survey panel members.

Survey can be done in different ways

       Mail Survey: mail survey is the cheapest form of survey taken by the survey companies. For this type of surveys people who will be taken the survey are pre-selected members in this case.

      Telephonic Interview: Pre-selected people are called sometimes for the telephonic interview.

      Online Survey: Online surveys are gaining popularity now a day because it reduces the cost of the survey and can be reached globally. This type of survey is useful for the global company. People from different part of the world can participate. Sometimes some company provides zonal restriction.

    Online surveys are gaining popularity among the young generation. There are some age restrictions; you must be at least 16 years of age for doing the survey. Doing survey pocket money can be earned. Some survey panel gives to their panel members some cash, gift cards etc. Amount paid voucher to the panel members vary for different survey companies.
     If a survey comes to you in online to your mail inbox, it doesn't mean that you get the incentive for it every time. Sometimes you may be screened out from the survey but don’t worry; they will again send you mail for their next market research.

                                    Learn How To Participate Paid Surveys:

How To Participate In Paid Surveys.

Panel NameFor the PeopleAge to joinReward/surveyRegistration link
Viewfruit Panel Only Indian16 and above0.4$-5.45$
Opinion WorldAny Country16 and above0.5$-2.0$
India SpeaksOnly Indian16 and above0.5$-2.45$
iPanel OnlineAny country16 and above0.3$-5.5$
Panel.sgany country16 and above0.5$-4.0$
OpinionBureauOnly Indian16 and above1.8$-5.0$
SwagBucksany country16 and above1.0$-5.0$
Starpanelany country16 and above0.5$-3.0$
ClixSenseany country16 and above0.5$-2.4$
IpanelOnlineany country16 and above1.0$-5.0$
My Soapboxany country16 and above1.0$-5.0$
Points2Shopany country16 and above0.33$-3.0$
Paidviewpointany country16 and above0.03$-1$
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What is PTC?Paid To Click(PTC)
These programs offers you the paid advertisement links, you can click daily if you want to make more money. Most of the sites links are worth 1 cent each and 1 cent per referral's clicks.

What is PTSU?
Paid To Sign Up(PTSU)
On some of the sites you can get paid to signup just by paste the welcome email after you registered, and some of the sites requires you to click the minimum amount of ads to be credited.

What is GPT?
Get Paid To(GPT)
These are usually the best paying sites. All you need to do is sign up for different products. Like get paid to share pictures, get paid to play online games, get paid to share links etc. 
Site NameNature of SiteDaily PTC Earnings Minimum Pay outRegistration link
ClixsensePTC$ 0.06 $ 8
NeobuxPTC$ 0.06$ 2
DonkeyMailsGPT$ 0.04$ 1
No-minimumGPT$ 0.02$ 1
JillsClickcornerGPT$ 0.02$ 1
CashCamelPTC$ 0.02$ 0.01
CashTravelPTC$ 0.01$ 0.05
OfferNationGPTVariable$ 1
DollarSignupGPTVariable$ 0.50
ClickfairPTC$ 0.01$ 1
GoSignupsPTSU$ 1 (PTSU)$ 0.07
SuperPayGPTVariable$ 1
RewardingWaysGPTVariable$ 1
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